When working for Talstaff Limited you must adhere to the following:

  1. Abide to all current tachograph drivers hours and regulations.
  1. Drivers must ensure that they have the correct daily and weekly rest periods.
  1. Drive safely and legally adhering to speed limitations road rules and regulations.
  1. Must adhere/refer to the client Mobile Phone Policy.
  1. Undertake daily vehicle safety checks.
  1. Drivers must never drive whilst under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs (this can include prescription medication).
  1. Drivers must ensure that they are fit and healthy in order to operate the vehicle.
  1. Drivers must ensure that they are capable of reversing in a safe and correct manner.
  1. Drivers must be familiar with coupling and uncoupling procedures.
  1. Be capable of securing vehicle loads correctly and safely.
  1. Any defects found from vehicle checks, must be reported to the transport department of the vehicle operator.
  1. Any amendments to the driving licence must be reported immediately to the transport team.
  1. Inform us of any changes in your medical condition that could affect your ability to drive.